Picnic Shelter Manufacturers

We are picnic shelter manufacturers for cities and parks around the United States. Our design team offers a large variety of pavilion structures and designs to fit the style and need of your city. Each pavilion offers an airy, open atmosphere that is perfect for community events. The shelters are also available with custom color options that you can view here. To get started on your picnic shelter, give us a call at (801) 414-1724 or email russelhsmith@gmail.com.

Picnic Shelter Design Details

Below are some of our most important aspects of our picnic shelters.


When you choose Quality Pavilions for all of your park setup needs, you are choosing to work directly with the manufacturer. This way, you know that you are getting the best price on park amenities without the hassle of working through a third-party representative group.

Color Options

Our picnic shelter manufacturers allow each customer to choose the colors that they would like for their pavilion. You can view our full color options here. We have also worked with our designer to provide preselected color schemes that will compliment your community park.

Weatherproof Design

Whether you are planning on installing a picnic shelter in sunny Arizona or snowy Colorado, it is made to last. Each shelter is designed with a slanted rooftop that prevents heavy build up of snow loads, as well as powder coated columns.

Picnic Benches


Laser cut metal benches for community parks.

Along with our shelters, we offer a site furniture product line for full park buildout. The Classic Bench, one of our most popular bench styles, is cut from a single sheet of metal that is bent into place and then welded. A designer checks each bench, after welding, to ensure that there are no points of weakness. These steps ensure that the park bench will be durable enough to handle the day-to-day roughhousing, as well as weather conditions.

Picnic Tables

Picnic Tables for community parks and shelters.

The picnic tables are available with ADA wheelchair accessibility options, powder coating color options, and different size options. Each picnic table has stainless steel footpads on the bottom of the tubular legs. This keeps rust and corrosion from creeping up the table legs.

Aluminum Picnic Tables