Picnic Tables

The aluminum picnic tables are the perfect addition to parks and pavilions. To prevent the table tipping from uneven surfaces or weight distribution, the legs are angled for added strength. This keeps the picnic tables safe for the entire family! Each table is also powder coated, using the color of your choice, for a durable, weatherproof finish. To get started on your order, give us a call at (385) 225-4644 or email smithsteelsales@gmail.com!

View our powder coating colors here.

6′ Regular – $1,175
8′ Regular – $1,250
8′ ADA 1 – $1,250
8′ ADA 2 – $1,250

ADA Compliance Options:

Regular 8′ Picnic Table

When ordering, this is the standard 8′ picnic table option. It does not have wheelchair accessibility on either side of the table, adding more space on the table seats. Thanks for choosing Quality Pavilions as your picnic table manufacturer.

ADA 1 Compliance

The 8′ picnic tables are available with the ADA 1 compliance option. This provides wheelchair accessibility on one side of the aluminum table. There is no additional cost for adding this option, just be sure to let us know when ordering!

ADA 2 Compliance

The 8′ aluminum picnic tables are also available with the ADA 2 Compliance option. This provides wheelchair accessibility on both sides of the picnic table. This accommodation does not cost extra, just be sure to specify when placing order!