Trash Receptacles

At Quality Pavilions, we provide trash receptacles that are perfect additions to outdoor pavilions. Each metal trash receptacle is available with custom laser cutting features including inscriptions and city logos. As a result of our powder coating process, the trash receptacles have a weatherproof finish that is resistant to rust and corrosion. To order your trash receptacles, call (385) 225-4644 or email

View our powder coating colors here.

20 gal Trash Receptacle – $1,280

32 gal Trash Receptacle – $1,420

44 gal Trash Receptacle – $1,560

20 gal Flare Trash Receptacle – $1,365

32 gal Flare Trash Receptacle – $1,615

44 gal Flare Trash Receptacle – $1,945

*Prices may vary with design.

Receptacle Lid Options:

Classic Flare Trash Receptacle

The Classic Flare Receptacles are one of our most popular styles for outdoor pavilion accessories. Each laser cut receptacle features an easy locking system and trash removal. This makes it not only stylish, but also user friendly.

Classic Dome Trash Receptacle

The Dome Top is a perfect attribute to the metal trash receptacle to provide a covering over the lid. This design keeps the opening protected from harsh weather conditions, while still maintaining a sleek, modern look all year long.